Why UK brands are donating to Ellie's Friends for Christmas

This Christmas we are asking businesses and individuals up and down the country to "Give a Gift to Ellie's." We'll be raffling the donated gifts here on our website for our registered users - all adults living with cancer this Christmas. 

We know that finances can be tight over Christmas and this is especially true of those living with a cancer diagnosis. As one of our users, Anouska Bush, explains:

"Treats and nights out are the first things that are sacrificed when cancer strikes. Full time work becomes impossible so finances are hit and cut-backs are made. Ellie's Friends offer a little piece of sunshine in, what can be, a very dark time."

There are 910 people in the UK being diagnosed with cancer every day. Our goal is to give adults living with cancer the opportunity to enjoy life, not just survive it. This Christmas we want to make our users smile wider than ever, so please get in touch with your donations! - Alexis@elliesfriends.org