Ellie's Army

Ellie’s Army is on a mission to Make the Big C Smaller in the UK.

As a member of Ellie’s Army you will speak to businesses and people with skills in your area, and encourage them to donate products or time to help local adults who are living with cancer. A massage therapist might offer a free treatment. A gift shop might offer a voucher. A theatre might offer its unsold seats. It’s amazing how simple it is to drum up support. You don’t even need to ask face-to-face if you don’t want to. A lot of our volunteers find offers by sending emails or posting on social media. Plus you can volunteer as much or as little time as you want.

All freebies and offers that you source will be listed on Ellies Friends, and go directly to adults (16+) who are in your area and living with cancer, to give them a bit of a lift at a difficult time. 

What we can offer you:  

Round-the-clock support via our Facebook group and Army coordinators 

References for your CV    

Resources including volunteer pack, draft sales emails, leaflets 

A free t-shirt after 10 offers 

Other incentives including beauty products & concert tickets. 

Our volunteer Fran Woodcock says: "Ellie's Friends has given me some great opportunities since being diagnosed with cancer, so joining Ellie's Army gives me the chance to give something back. On top of that, it's incredibly satisfying to track down the right people at various companies then a few hours later get an email back from them, often offering wonderful treats which will make a real difference to people facing their hardest ever challenge."

Interested? Get in touch with Alexis@eleanorrose.org or request to join our Ellie's Army Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/elliesarmyUK. You can also follow us on twitter @elliesarmyUK