Ellie's friends ride to Brighton

Philippa and Alex met Ellie at college in North Yorkshire when they were 16.

Philippa says: "We spent the following two years cementing our friendship and neglecting our studies! (Except for Ellie who was a straight A girl of course). We continued our close friendship regardless of where we lived in the country spending many weekends and holidays together."

On 11th September, Philippa and Alex, along with Philippa's boyfriend and colleagues from the RAF, will be donning their padded shorts and ill-fitting helmets to tackle the London to Brighton bike ride in aid of Ellie's Friends. The friends admit that cycling 60 miles will be quite a challenge, so we are wishing them the very best of luck!

Philippa adds: "We treasure our memories with Ellie, we love and miss her every single day; she was an amazing girl and we feel lucky to have had her in our lives.

We want to raise as much money as possible to help continue the fab work of Ellie’s Friends which benefits so many people. Ellie would be so proud of Tom setting it up, and hopefully of us doing this…as she would know how much of a challenge we will find it!
Thanks so much for your donations xx"

You can donate to their fundraising page here