Dry January

We all know that kicking the booze for one month is a sure way to feel happier, become healthier and protect your hard earned money. But how easy is it?

We don't think it will be that difficult. We've teamed up with Alcohol Concern who will ensure that you are supported throughout the month with encouraging emails and an app to help track and monitor the impact being dry is having on your mind, body and wallet. What's more half of all funds raised by our supporters will come to Ellie's Friends!

There are two ways to sign up and start fundraising: 
1.    Sign up via the Dry January website.    
2.    Download the Dry January & Beyond app via the App Store or Google Play.

During both sign up processes you will be asked if you want a Virgin Money Giving online sponsorship site automatically set up. You can then select "The Eleanor Rose Foundation" as your charity to have half of the funds raised. Cheers!