Why do freebies help?

Being diagnosed with cancer is just the start of an incredibly difficult experience – there are so many pressures that are rarely mentioned: the financial impact of having to give up work, paying for trips to the hospital, healthier food; the eternal boredom and depression that sets in during recovery from chemo. 

Nearly 1 in 2 of us will get cancer.
1 in 5 people living with cancer feel alone.

Adults living with cancer are much more likely to experience issues in their daily life. They are: 

8x more likely to skip meals
5x more likely to eat a poor diet
5x more likely to have not left the house for days.

4 in 5 people are £570 a month worse off as a result of their diagnosis. (source: Macmillan 2016.)

Ellie’s Friends aims to reinstate “treats” and improve outcomes. 

Unlike traditional wish-granting charities Ellie's Friends members are able to apply as often as they like for freebies, and are eligible for more than one freebie. We select recipients at random, and, as many of our service providers provide repeating gifts, if you are not successful one month you may reapply the next.

Freebies also help businesses and philanthropic individuals by giving them the opportunity to benefit their community by donating or repurposing goods.