Meet The Gift Gang

Each week we are going to introduce you to some of our lovely gift suppliers who will tell us why they support Ellie’s Friends.

This week it’s Kelly.

“I started All Things Brighton Beautiful with my Ma in 2011.  I was working at a high support homeless shelter in Brighton at the time and would finish there and during busy times would be packing parcels until midnight and dropping them off at the Post Office in suitcases and a large rucksack on my way to work.  Brighton is such a fab city so we hope to bring a range of gifts and products sourced from Brighton and work with numerous jewellery and cufflink-makers, artists and designers who are based here.

I wanted to support Ellies Friends because sadly as with so many people, I lost my Ma through cancer. Once cancer has touched your life, nothing will ever be the same again. I wanted to do something that felt like it meant something, rather than donating to a huge charity. I found Ellies Friends and Ellie’s story is so incredibly sad but I loved the idea of giving someone a treat who is going through a really tough time.

I personally hand pick all of our lovely gifts and home products. I love finding things that are slightly unusual or unique and cannot be found in a high street shop. We take time each month to think of a gift for Ellies Friends which is either practical, useful or pretty and will also bring a smile to the face of the person who receives it.

Currently my favourite item is our beautiful Feather Pendant Lampshades.  I have one at home which always creates a conversation piece.  It’s made from 2,500 handpicked duck feathers which are a bi-product after Chinese New Year:

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