Meet the Gift Gang

Recently we had a lovely thank you email from Anna who had received her Georgina Westley print.

She told us,

"I chose the Whitby print because it's one of
my favourite places, having enjoyed holidays and days out there many times over
the years. When I won the print I was having chemotherapy every three weeks so
had to spend a lot of time resting, which is why I hung it opposite my bed so I
could enjoy looking at it and remembering lots of happy times. It really
cheered me up, thank you."

Here's a a bit more about Georgina and what brought her to Ellie's

"Hello, I’m Georgina Westley, I am a graphic
designer and illustrator and I feel very lucky to love my job. I’m self employed,
I work from home and I draw pictures of places and pastimes which I then sell
online as prints.

I stumbled across Ellie Jeffery’s blog Written Off back in 2011. I was not lucky enough to have known Ellie in real life, but like so many of her readers I felt a genuine connection and I followed her journey with admiration; so when Ellie’s Friends was created in her memory I was extremely keen to help.

Everyones experience with cancer is different.
Cancer may be one word, but its effect on peoples lives is varied,
unpredictable and can have a huge ripple effect. Like most people visiting this
site my life has been touched by cancer and I have loved ones navigating this
illness right now. It can often feel frustrating not being able to fix things
or offer solutions; but that is not a reason to do nothing. I don't have the
skills of a research scientist to help find new treatments, but I can offer a
free print each month in the hope that it may bring a smile to someone who is
having a rough ride or simply punctuate the day with post that isn’t a hospital

Over the years that I have been a supporter, I have
sent out a wide variety of prints. I couldn’t say there was a particular
favourite amongst the winners as my prints serve as a reminders of happy times
and those times are obviously different for everyone. I hope you enjoy looking
at the places and pastimes that I have drawn and I wish everyone who is touched
by cancer my warmest wishes.

Ellie’s friends and family talk about the joy and
laughter that she spread and it’s fitting that a charity set up in her name
continues her legacy – thank you for letting me be a small part of it."