Meet the Gift Gang

Make up artist Brooke Simons has been offering a makeover to someone registered with Ellie’s Friends every month for over two years.

Brooke is based in London and works with fashion brands, celebrities and on catwalk shows.

We often receive lovely feedback from people who have met Brooke and felt and looked amazing after their makeover.

Puja, who is pictured with Brooke earlier this year, said,

“It was an absolute pleasure to have my make up done by Brooke at my home. I spent a really great time with her, and it gave me immense happiness to have this opportunity which Ellie's Friends have given me.  It not only rejuvenated me, but also gave me a wonderful start to 2020. “

Here’s what Brooke has to say about working with us.

“I am a red carpet and fashion make up artist. I absolutely love my job

and love that I am able to work with Ellie’s Friends to give women in treatment
or post-treatment a well deserved pick me up.

I really wanted to do something great with my skill set. I absolutely love what Ellie’s Friends do, spreading a little bit of joy to people who need just that. When I decided I wanted to work with a charity, Ellie’s Friends was the perfect match.

With side-effects such as hair loss and changes in skin type, it is really important for someone who is in treatment or who has just been through treatment to feel good about themselves. I truly believe if you look good on the outside it can help you feel good on the inside. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

I particularly love the moment when I’ve completed someone’s make up and I put a mirror in front of someone and watch as they really see themselves, not as a cancer patient. Seeing the joy and knowing I did that, doesn’t get much better than that.”