Meet The Gift Gang

A few months ago we reached out to Ricarica on Instagram. We were really impressed with their philosophy and their products looked fab. So we’re so excited to launch a regular giveaway and to support them too as they continueto grow.

Here is some more about Avneesh and Dan who are behind Ricarica.

"We founded Ricarica in October 2019 after starting our own zero waste journey. We recognised that shopping sustainably isn’t always easy, especially when it came to finding plastic-free, natural and eco-friendly items for our bathroom.

This coupled with our busy and hectic working lives, we were trying to make more time for ourselves and realising the importance of a little self-care everyday rather than once we had already burnt out.

And so Ricarica was born!

We’re big believers that businesses should be actively involved with charities as part of their day to day. For us, it was a case of finding a charity to help more people take care of themselves. So when Ellie’s Friends reached out, we knew this was something we wanted to support.

Cancer can affect so many people in so many ways, from being diagnosed to the families of a patient and even communities too. It can completely take over someone’s life and change the course or direction in ways you could never predict or imagine. We’ve both lost people close to us to cancer, and sometimes the hardest part is watching someone you love go through an illness they have no power over and you have no way of curing.

What we have learnt though, is the importance of support and small gestures. It’s the one thing we can control and we can give to our friends and family knowing the small bit of relief, happiness and joy it can bring.

That’s why we love supporting Ellie’s Friends. We are able to help and support more people and their families as they navigate their cancer journey by providing a little respite in the form of our Self-Care items. From our vegan soaps to our soy wax candles and aromatherapy bath salts, we hope our range makes it easier to allow yourself some me-time. You can also do this knowing that each item has been thoughtfully made with sustainability at its core.

Lockdown has been a struggle in lots of ways, it’s completely changed up our routines and what we consider as normal, as well as allowing us time to re-evaluate what is important in our lives, including how we treat ourselves. We’ve really been learning how to be kinder to ourselves, to listen to our bodies and to pay attention to our mental health. These are lessons so valid for everyday and even more valuable when something like cancer is thrown into the mix too. Remember that we aren’t perfect, we aren’t machines and we are allowed to have a wobble. Taking that time out allows us all the time to rest, recuperate and restore our bodies and our minds. One won’t work without the other.

Thank you Ellie’s Friends for trusting and allowing us to be part of your amazing mission. We hope we have been able to help and that we can continue to help more people too.