Meet the Gift Gang

We occasionally share stories of our generous gift givers. This time Helen Towers tells us about starting her wonderful business – Post-ivity, which offers boxes full of pampering treats to lift your spirits.

“When lockdown was announced back in March, I wanted to do something positive, to keep people connected at a time when they might feel very isolated. There was a big focus on older people and keeping them safe, and indoors, so I liked the idea of sending them a puzzle book and some treats, with a handwritten note, and so I set up an Etsy shop doing just that, and called it Post-ivity. Each package I sent out also had two positive postcards in, one with a stamp attached, so that the recipient could send one of the postcards on and keep positivity going. 

In my first week I had 185 orders! I'd gone self employed at the end of 2019, and most of my work disappeared due to the pandemic, so Post-ivity has kept the wolf from the door for me personally, but it's also given me so much more; a sense of purpose in a strange and worrying time, and a focus for my days. I live alone (well, with my high maintenance cat Mackerel) so the orders kept me busy during lockdown, and made me feel part of these friendships and relationships.

When I heard about Ellie's Friends, I couldn't not get involved. What a fantastic idea for people who really deserve a boost, and a lovely story too. Cancer took both my Nannas and one of my Grandads, and my Dad lives with prostate cancer. I think life is tough enough, especially this year, without adding cancer on top of it, so my heart goes out to anyone affected by it. I give away a Hello Gorgeous box each month, including pampering treats, fluffy socks, and postcards with uplifting messages, and I write a notecard to the recipient, in the hope that knowing that Ellie's Friends and Post-ivity care about them, will help in some small way.  

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard for everyone. The first postcards I made said 'This Too Shall Pass' and 'No Storm Lasts Forever, The Rainbow's On Its Way' as that seemed to sum up the first lockdown. I don't think any of us had any idea just how long this storm would last. So, I think my message now would be the same, but with the caveat that I also think we also need to be able to say 'do you know what, I feel crap today' or 'this is sh*t', because it's important to be real, and honest, and tell others how you feel, because I bet they feel the same. We'll only get through this if we do it together.