The Hibiscus Project

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About the organisation

The Hibiscus Project began at the beginning of 2012 with the mission to enable people in the midst of cancer treatment, to participate in more of their normal leisure activities by financial discounts from the usual costs. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2011 aged 30. Since then I have wanted to continue my normal interests such as surfing, socialising, dining out, swimming, dog walking, climbing and yoga as much as I've physically been able. But living on statutory sick pay doesn't make it easy to afford anything more than basic living costs. In addition I have needed to change some of my wardrobe due to my altered physical appearance, got through countless DVD box sets and books, and numerous packets of biscuits - which all adds up to less pounds in the bank! (Alas more pounds on my bum though). The project's aims will be achieved by a discreet discount card 'The Hibiscus Card' available to people for the duration of their cancer treatment. The Hibiscus Card will be issued to patients through various healthcare professionals to validate eligibility. It is hoped that local businesses such as food outlets, shops, hairdressers and salons, leisure/sport centres and other service providers will work with the Hibiscus Project giving discounts or offers to cardholders. More to follow soon, including a website and fundraising activities to raise money for the production of the card and marketing activies/promotion of the discount card to businesses to encourage participation.....