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About the organisation

My name is Richard West. I am an accredited Spiritual Facilitator and Psychologist. As we receive diagnosis or terminal prognosis we go through a dramatic emotional process as it challenges the very chore of who we are. Conscious dying sessions over Skype can facilitate emotional healing, identity crises, healthy relationships, psychological management of pain, and any spiritual/existential experiences you may be having. Sessions are designed to go quickly to the source of any issues you may have, facilitating expression of your truth and finally releasing attachment and identification to anything that’s holding you back. We then come up with practical ways to take this into your daily life, in a way that is compassionate to yourself and those around you. I also conduct meditations which can help with physical pain.

About our offers

My name is Richard West. I am a spiritual facilitator and psychologist, specialising in helping people who have been given a terminal prognosis, or who would simply like to explore their mortality. I facilitate people through emotional, psychological and spiritual healing of themselves and their relationships, as well as coaching psychological management of physical pain. I offer one free 90 minute Skype session (normally £45). Further sessions would be paid, although I do offer discounts on block bookings. For more information about me and my services, please visit my website: