Sparkle Through Chemo

27, 1 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 9QD, UK

+44 (0) 78547 96928

About the organisation

Fiona qualified as a beauty therapist back in 2003. When she was diagnosed with cancer she found very few beauty products for people like her. In fact, she was advised against beauty treatments until 5 years clear! Determined to change this she took a postgraduate degree in oncology therapies and Sparkle Through Chemo was born. Sparkle Through Chemo provides a supportive environment where you can connect with people going through the same thing. This combats the isolation that Fiona felt on her own cancer journey. Sparkle Through Chemo also provides specialist oncology beauty treatments, that can help improve and alleviate your cancer treatment side effects.

About our offers

Fiona is an oncology beauty specialist with a clinic in Harley Street, London, who offers therapies and solutions for the common and not so common side effects on skin, nails and well being during and after cancer treatment. This mini manicure (worth £50) is a fast way to get your hands into good shape. This short but effective treatment includes a file, massage and polish and is designed to have your nails looking fantastic. During active chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment there will be no cutting or removal of the cuticle in these treatments due to the high risk of infection.