Imarni Nails

Boxpark Shoreditch, Unit 32, London E1 6GY, UK

07480 860153

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About the organisation

IMARNI NAILS brings high-fashion nail designs to Boxpark. Giving you a backstage pass to the latest nail trends. IMARNI NAILS is the perfect destination for any nail-art aficionado

About our offers

Imarni Nails is offering a choice of a free manicure or free pedicure at their salon at The Curtain Hotel, Shoreditch, London EC2A, every month! MINI MANICURE Quick fix: nails are shaped and buffed, cuticles pushed back, hands are moisturised and polish applied. MINI PEDI Quick but effective; tootsies are shaped, buffed, cuticles pushed back followed by polish application and hydrating foot cream. Please note that we ask the winner to book their appointment between 2-4pm.