Liverpool, Liverpool, Merseyside L17 4JR, UK

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About the organisation

Sunflowers provides a unique support service to individuals and families affected by a cancer diagnosis in the Merseyside region. We provide advice and guidance services, counselling, alternative therapies and group support sessions in a welcoming and safe environment. Ours arts and craft therapies and light exercise sessions are especially designed for people living with or after cancer. Our service is confidential, free and led by a team of professionals. The Sunflowers team are experienced in the emotions and practical support needed following a cancer diagnosis. Quite often, our support is nothing more than a listening ear in our informal ‘drop in’ centre. We are passionate about helping others affected by a diagnosis of cancer. Our shared experiences help to build a strong community in the fight against cancer. This is particularly important in Merseyside with the highest incidence of cancer in the UK.