Sun Hie Acupuncture

Whitley Rd, Whitley Bay NE26 2SY, UK

(0191) 252 6101

About the organisation

Here at the Sun Hie centre we provide a wide variety of Traditional Chinese medical services for a wide range of ailments. These include: Acupuncture Acupressure Chinese Herbal Remedies Reflexology We use the above methods to treat any number of conditions and ailments which include the following: Muscular-Skeletal and Neurological conditions such as Arthritis, Back Pain, Neuralgia and Sports injuries. Mental/Emotional conditions such as Depression, Insomnia and Stress Addictions such as Alcohol and Tobacco. Our North East Acupuncture Clinic is ideally placed within 2 mins walk from the Whitley Bay Metro station, this means that we can treat people from all over the North East. Our Lead practioner Dr Yu graduated from Hei Long Jiang Traditional Chinese Medicine University in 1986. She is a highly experienced doctor trained in both Western and Chinese medicine. Dr Yu is also a member of a number of professional bodies.