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About the organisation

Hey, we’re Birdsong. We’re a fashion brand for people who expect more from their wardrobes. We work on a promise of “no sweatshops & no photoshop”. We want to revolutionise the way you dress. All our clothes are made by women’s groups with rare skills. We pair their expertise with our designs, creating classic pieces with a mind to the future. From migrant seamstresses, knitting grannies to all our customers, we unite women. We show the reality of what women look like with our unedited models, who are often friends or supporters. We think that your body suits you, so dress it in Birdsong.

About our offers

Ethical fashion brand Birdsong clothing are offering a £5 voucher to all Ellie's Friends users. You can check out their range of clothing here: Click Apply below and we shall send you details of how to claim the voucher.