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If you’re fed up with a room in your house and looking to redecorate, this offer of an interior design plan is for you. Designer Eleanor Ralph would like to design a room for someone that will bring them joy and really affect them in a positive way. Whether that be turning a dark and dingy room into a bright, cosy, inviting space or helping to provide practical solutions for problem spaces. She says “I’m very aware of how dim lighting and drab colours can affect someone’s mood especially if they sometimes feel low! I have grown up with my Dad being in a wheelchair full time so I can understand how important it can be for some people to have furniture which allows easy access to all of their things, enabling them to be as independent as possible. Not to mention having a good floor layout to allow easy access to all areas! Her offer includes providing a sample/mood board and a 2D floorplan of the best layout for the room and she will advise on all other elements of design. Although she is not able to cover the cost of re-decoration she will be able to help by getting the best prices possible through her contacts and is quite happy to roll up her sleeves and help with clearing out and stripping wallpaper. Here is a bit of background on Eleanor. Having graduated in Interior Design and working on mid to high end luxury residential interiors in north and central London, Eleanor has the confidence and knowledge in designing exquisite spaces tailored just for you. She has experience in designing bespoke, fitted and freestanding furniture and an expansive knowledge on fabric specifications. W W W . E L E A N O R R A L P H . C O . U K She is based in Hertfordshire and happy to travel within the county.