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Oncovia Chemo Nail Care


10th Dec 2017

This month, Oncovia is giving away a chemo nail pack. During chemotherapy, your nails become brittle and fragile. It is important to protect your nails throughout your treatments and never expose them to the sunlight as decolouration or nail loss may occur. Silica (silicium) helps strengthen and nourish the nail, while the UV filters protect from the sunlight. This nail pack contains the following products: - Protective nail varnish with silica (silicium) – Bordeaux - Protective nail varnish with silica (silicium) – Bali - Protective base coat with silica (silicium) - Protective top coat with silica (silicium) - Eye Care acetone-free nail polish remover - Meme Cosmetics nail care stick - Fold-out 15 tips during chemo - “Be you. Be beautiful” by Oncovia Organic cotton bag Check out our advice section on for more information about taking care of your nails during chemo and other helpful advice.