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Look good feel better

Ellie's Friends

31st Dec 2018

Look Good Feel Better is a one-off monthly course that teaches women with cancer how to manage some of the visible side-effects of treatment. Run by beauty professionals, the session introduces some simple techniques that can help you feel more confident about your changed appearance. You’ll also receive a goody bag of premium beauty products, completely free of charge. This activity is offered at the following Maggie's Centres, you need to register to participate: South England: Maggie’s West, Maggie’s Oxford, Maggie’s Cheltenham, Maggie’s Barts, Maggie’s Cancerkin North England and Wales: Maggie’s Nottingham, Maggie’s Merseyside, Maggie’s Newcastle, Maggie’s Oldham, Maggie’s Swansea Scotland: Maggie’s Glasgow, Maggie’s Lanarkshire, Maggie’s Dundee, Maggie’s Aberdeen, Maggie’s Highlands. For more information find your local centre on and search for the timetable.