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Hot Yoga Pass London

Hot Pod Yoga

19th Dec 2018

We have passes to give away for one-week unlimited access to Hotpod Yoga's London classes (Brixton, Hackney, Notting Hill). Hotpod Yoga offer a 'real-life' approach to yoga, in an otherworldly setting. Our vinyasa classes are held in our inflatable, portable, heated pods, designed to transport you a million miles away and deliver you into the immersive, cocoon-like, perpetually perfect yoga setting. The 37 degree heat will melt you a little deeper into your practice, truly engaging your muscles and stimulating blood flow, whilst the soft, purple lighting, smooth urban-chill tunes, beautiful scents and a deep, internal focus on the breath will bring a calmness to the mind. This is where you recharge, regroup and reinvigorate yourself, supercharging you to be ready for real life. Experience the calm, experience the heat, experience the immersion. More details on Hot Pod Yoga here: Please note: If you live elsewhere Hot Pod yoga also offer a 20% discount nationwide. See our freebies page for more details.