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Radiotherapy skincare pack

ILCSI Skincare UK

16th Nov 2018

ILCSI Natural Skincare ( produces its RadioSkin range for those undergoing radiotherapy. The RadioSkin range prevents and treats side effects of radiotherapy (dryness, burns), hence enabling the completion of the treatment in a timely manner (avoiding treatments to stop due to local skin problems). ILCSI RadioSkin is giving away a set of skincare products that are sufficient for the entire length of radiation treatment and includes the following items: 1 pc RADIOSKIN 1 CREAM, 50 ml • 2 pcs RADIOSKIN 2 OIL GEL, 50 ml • 2 pcs RADIOSKIN 3 WHIP MOISTURIZER, 50 ml More information: Radiation therapy might cause unpleasant skin inflammation and redness as a side effect. The key difference is that these natural skincare products provide effective solutions with skin-friendly, natural active ingredients only. ILCSI's RadioSkin products are certified as Natural Cosmetics by the German BDIH Association. These cosmetics do not contain fragrances and the natural ingredients derive from certified organic farms. The products are safe to be used by patients with acute skin side effects caused by radiation treatment. Always consult your physician before using these products. Follow to recommended use of products. If skin irritation occurs, stop using the product immediately and consult with your physician. Manufactured by Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs Ltd., Budapest, Hungary.