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£50 The Mayflower, Cheltenham


17th Dec 2018

It's nearly Christmas and we have a £50 restaurant voucher up for grabs in every Maggie's centre location. Apply here to visit the wonderful Mayflower in Cheltenham. We'll be drawing a winner in time for Christmas. About the Mayflower: n October 1982, The Mayflower Restaurant opened its doors in the Regency Spa Town of Cheltenham. Introducing Chinese style, home cooking at its best. Over the years, the Kong family started to develop and introduce new and original family recipes such as the Famous Crispy Duck with pancakes, the Mandarin Spare Ribs and Fillet Steak Cantonese are just amongst some of the popular favourites. Set in a friendly relaxed surroundings, you can almost guarantee what we provide is simply good food with great service. Presently, we are very proud to say, it is still a family owned business and is one of the longest running Chinese restaurants in Gloucestershire and remains as one of the most reputable in town.