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Various comedy - London

2 Northdown

30th Jun 2019

Thanks to our friends at 2Northdown in Kings Cross, London, we have tickets to give away to see some brilliant cutting edge comedy every month. Please copy and paste the links below to see details of dates and more info. Once you have applied, please email us at "" with the subject heading "Northdown" to let us know which show you are interested in. Jena Friedman Katie Pritchard: Strom Stud Ladylikes: Top Secret House Party Laughing Around Presents... Carlo Ritchie: Drinking for two (2 dates) The 2Northdown Mic Check (2 dates) Tom Crowley & Len Blanco Esther Manito: Crusade Brodi Snook: Handful Ali Brice: Bin Wondering Tom Houghton: Thats's what I go to school for. Glenn Moore: Love Don't Live Here Glenny Moore Rich Wilson: Death Becomes Him Gabby Best: WIP Miztli Rose: Freshly Squeezed Angus Dunican