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Manicure, Harley Street

Sparkle Through Chemo

18th Aug 2019

We have a nail oil from Sparkle Through Chemo to give away. Defiant Beauty Nail Oil contains easily absorbed oils chosen for their moisturising qualities. People living with cancer often suffer from nail damage as a result of chemotherapy. Moisturising the nails can help to prevent damage, such as dryness, brittle nails, as well as loss of nails and ridges. Defiant Beauty Nail Oil is a product of the Jennifer Young range. This is a specially formulated range for people living with or beyond cancer. Jennifer is another one of our friends. She provides free spa treatments for Ellie's Friends users as part of her training school, so look out for these! As well as many other beauty products, Sparkle Through Chemo also provide a number of beauty treatments specially designed for people living with cancer via their website: