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Camera Obscura Edinburgh

Camera Obscura

3rd Sep 2019

We have 1 family ticket to give away each month for Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. Camera Obscura is Edinburgh's oldest attraction. It has been amazing its visitors with a combination of optical illusions and breathtaking views for 175 years. The 6 floors of fun include: *BEWILDERWORLD - Can you find your way out of the Magical Mirror Maze? Will you manage to stay on your feet in the Vortex Tunnel? *EDINBURGH VISION: 3D and live viewcams you control. Step inside our giant pinhole camera and laugh as your friends appear upside-down! *LIGHT FANTASTIC: Be mesmerised by our holograms as they change and disappear *PUZZLE ZONE - Can you shrink yourself like Alice in Wonderland in the amazing Ames room? Mind you don't lose your head in the incredible Severed Head illusion! *MAGIC GALLERY: Catch your shadow, shake hands with your ghost, walk on water and discover a new you in the morphing machine. Amazing optical illusions with endless hands-on fun! *ROOFTOP VIEWS: 360 views with free telescopes. *CAMERA OBSCURA: Amazing live moving panorama of the city. Spy on passers-by in the street below and pick them up in your hand!