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Cancer Care Parcel November

Cancer Care Parcel

23rd Nov 2019

Cancer Care Parcel is donating an All Purpose Care Parcel to Ellie's Friends. It contains both essential and luxury items for men and women with cancer, as follows: Supersoft Neck Cushion: Comfort for hospital, bed rest and journeys. Soft to the touch and filled with thousands of tiny microbeads which sculpt to the body’s shape providing fantastic support. Eye Gel Mask: This eye gel mask will soothe tired eyes and can be used for relaxation and/or a helpful relief from cancer-related fatigue. The mask can be used as both a cold or warm eye press. Bed Socks: For cold feet during and after chemotherapy or just cold days the bed. The bed socks supplied with this cancer present are soft and comfy. Catchable Bubbles: JUST FOR FUN – These catchable bubbles stay on your hand and clothes. A great distraction and just a lot of fun for all ages. Water Bottle: Keeping hydrated is very important when you have cancer. Eco-friendly, and BPA free. Earphones: The spare earphones in this cancer hamper can be used with many devices. For bed, hospital, when waiting for appointments or anytime. USB Light: A flexible silicon USB light is perfect for reading at home or in hospital. Simply plug into any USB socket. Designed to be flexible, this light can bend or twist to the position required. Adult Colouring Book & coloured pencils.