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Free Samba Classes Brighton

Beleza School of Samba

30th Oct 2019

Brighton's Beleza School of Samba is delighted to offer free samba dance and drumming sessions as part of their brand new 2019 Joy Carnival Project. You can apply to be part of the project and join the Beleza family at weekly samba dance or samba drumming sessions between Oct - Dec 2019 with the aim of being part of a show supporting a local community event or charity fundraiser. No experience required and all levels welcome to take part in the Joy Carnival Project and receive the free classes. Being part of the event is not obligatory but will be fantastic fun and support other valuable causes. Beleza is authentic Samba School setup up as a Social Enterprise based in Brighton UK and inspired by Rio Samba Schools. They teach culture, dance routines, costume production, preparation for stage, confidence building and consequently promoting the well being of body and mind! Please see the calendar of classes for locations and times information...