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Bowood spa treatments

Bowood Spa

20th Nov 2019

Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort, in Wiltshire, combines the most luxurious of treatments alongside top facilities to create spa days that leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Bowood is offering Ellie's Friends 2 weekday hour treatments each month, and full spa access before or after your treatment. We will supply the full treatment menu and description to the 2 randomly chosen successful applicants each month. Bowood therapists are trained and certified in Jennifer Young oncology massage techniques and use Jennifer Young products. Treatments include: - Balanced Body & Mind - Specialist Manicure - Nail Beautiful Pedicure - Glowing Facial - Indulgent Massage - Top to Toe Apply now, and if you don't hear from us this month don't forget you can reapply each month. We only contact successful applicants.