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Float Spa Hove

The Float Spa

16th Dec 2019

The Float Spa located in Brighton is offering a free floatation experience for one of our users. Each floatation experience includes welcome drink, 60 minutes floating, refreshing post float sorbet & tea. Floatation is a practice where you float effortlessly in a special pod of Epsom Salt water. Without the constant noise of analysing the world around you, your body lowers its levels of cortisol (which is the main chemical component of stress). Your brain releases elevated levels of dopamine and endorphins. Your muscles, joints, and bones take a well-deserved break. Your mind becomes still and your body suddenly has loads of extra resources, which allows it to focus on things like healing and resting - any stresses simply floats away. Floating has many benefits especially on the mind, body and on your overall being. For full details please paste this link into your web browser