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Bold Beanies Bouquet

Bold Beanies

30th Dec 2019

This month's festive gift is a Bold Beanies Bouquet made up of three Bold Beanies (one print and two co-ordinating plains) rolled into roses and made into a beautiful gift bouquet with silk flowers. A nice gift to brighten your day or gift on to another and you can select which ever colour theme you prefer. Bold Beanies hair loss headwear for Women, Men, Kids & Teens designed by Emilienne with comfort, ease and style in mind. Sustainably made in the UK using the softest natural luxury Liberty Print fabrics & wide range of plains. Beanie hats, headscarves, head wraps, PICC line covers, HOPE book, beautiful chemo bouquets as well as unique custom gifts and thoughtful touches to make a difficult situation more bearable. You can check out the full range of products on their website here: