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Alchemist Oxford Meal for 2


30th Jan 2020

The Alchemist Oxford believes that every experience should be life enhancing. Whether it's your first sip of one of their compelling cocktails or a morsel from the mouthwatering menu. That's why The Alchemist set up home in Oxford, one of the World's most celebrated seats of learning. You can experience their bewitching blend of molecular mixology, innovative dinning and theatrical presentation, as they are giving away a meal for two each month! Meal includes a round of cocktails! A recent winner sent this message; "I would like to thank Elllie’s Friends and all the staff including the manager for a lovely evening at The Alchemist in Oxford. Thank you so much for treating us and spoiling us. It meant a lot to be able to go out for a night. A big cheers to all of you for offering this delightful evening!"