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Facial Kensington London

Gazelli House

21st Jan 2020

Located on Walton Street in South Kensington, Gazelli House offers its guests the space, the knowledge and the tools to nurture both their mental and physical wellbeing. With performance led skincare and treatments at its heart, this inviting, intimate and inspiring House is the ideal space to heal, learn and feel inspired. Gazelli is offering two FREE Oncology Face Massages (usually £37.50) with appointments available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9am and 12 noon. ONCOLOGY FACE MASSAGE | 30mins This facial therapy has a ‘light touch’ approach. Using rhythmic movements – commencing with a gentle cleanse, followed by cooling compresses and a nourishing, uplifting aromatic oil formulated especially for skin as it undergoes, and recovers from chemotherapy and cancer treatments. This blend contains herbal oils known for their soothing properties - working therapeutically to give a renewed sense of deep relaxation. Gazelli is also delighted to extend a 25% discount to any friends or family wishing to take up one of their treatments - for full details visit Jennie, a recent winner sent us this message: "I am just on the train home from my facial with Alexandra. What an amazing experience, there is such a beautiful atmosphere at Gazelli House and I am glad I arrived early so I was able to appreciate it. The treatment was bliss and the ambience in the room really transported me away from the here and now. It was such a pleasure to be able to have a treatment with someone who wasn’t scared to touch me because of the secondary cancer and just to feel normal again. I relaxed upstairs with a beautiful rose tea afterwards and then strolled back through the Christmassy streets and beautiful window displays like I was walking on air. Thank you to Ellie’s Friends and Gazelli House for providing a real treat!"