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Free makeover Lancs

Nicola Jane Makeup

6th Feb 2020

Nicola Jane - Makeup Artist is delighted to offer a free makeover worth £45 lasting approximately one hour. Nicola’s private makeup studio is located in Thornton - Cleveleys, Lancashire (5 miles from Blackpool). The session will be by appointment only and you must be able to travel to Nicola’s studio for the makeover. You can decide on what look you would like to go for, if you fancy a natural makeup look or if you prefer something a little more glamorous with lashes. Nicola will do her best to make you look and feel wonderful for the day. You even get the choice of trying HD Airbrush Makeup – Nicola’s aim is to brighten your day a little bit. The makeover sessions will need to be taken by the 30th April 2020. You can find more information or look at Nicola’s work on her website