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Bowood Spa Treatments

Bowood Spa

20th Feb 2020

Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort, in Wiltshire, combines the most luxurious of treatments alongside top facilities to create spa days that leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Bowood is offering Ellie's Friends 2 weekday hour treatments each month, and full spa access before or after your treatment. We will supply the full treatment menu and description to the 2 randomly chosen successful applicants each month. Bowood therapists are trained and certified in Jennifer Young oncology massage techniques and use Jennifer Young products. Treatments include: - Balanced Body & Mind - Specialist Manicure - Nail Beautiful Pedicure - Glowing Facial - Indulgent Massage - Top to Toe Amy, a recent winner told us: "Thank you so much Ellie’s Friends, it’s the little lifts you provide that help the long slog which is cancer! The Jennifer Young facial at Bowood house was amazing and so relaxing!"