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Beauty Treatments Manchester

Nataya Beauty

16th Feb 2020

Nataya Beauty is an award winning beauty salon in Manchester city centre offering one free treatment every month. Nataya is passionate about her work. "At Nataya Beauty, we care more about how we apply products and what goes into products, rather than how popular they may be. We work tirelessly researching the best and safest beauty treatments for our clients. Wherever possible we provide hypoallergenic, vegan, paraben and cruelty-free treatments without having to compromise on quality or variety." Your free treatment can be selected from the following options. IBX repair and strengthening treatment for natural nails - Specifically designed to repair and strengthen nails, this in-salon treatment can help repair peeling, splitting and weak nails and can make your polish last much longer. IBX can be used just as a stand alone treatment, or power it up with CND Shellac to give your nails extra strength and protection. Brow Design - includes measure, tint and shape. Soothing tea tree moisturiser to finish. Mini manicure - cuticle tidy, shape, polish application and cuticle oil application.