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February Comedy London

2 Northdown

28th Feb 2020

If you would like to see some cracking comics check out the February shows at 2 Northdown in London's King's Cross. If you would like to go along please email us stating which shows you are interested in to 3rd February Louise Bastock & Miztli Rose 6th February Katie Davison: Why Can't We Be Friends? 7th February Crime Scene Improvisation Presents 10th February Lloyd Griffith Previews His New Show: 12th February Some Night In King's Cross 13th February Berk's Nest at 2Northdown 14th February Andrew Ryan: Is Everything Alright At Home? 16th February Sara Barron & Friends 16th February Charlie Vero-Martin: Scrapbook 18th February Accomplished Ladies 23rd February Laugh Till It Hurts 25th February Megan From HR 27th February Laughing Around Presents...#09 28th February Tom Lucy: Work In Progress 29th February Jake Lambert: Work In Progress