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Drain Bags

dsmiler bags

16th Feb 2020

These cotton bags have been designed by Melina Stanley to carry drains for cancer patients who have undergone surgery. Melina says: 'I have many passions and one of them is putting a smile on people’s faces. I also love designing, mixing colours, materials, fabrics and I enjoy the sunshine. The bags are called the ‘’ dsmiler bags’’. D is for drain and smiler is for you! I had cancer and I have been through the pain and the tears, and sometimes felt like giving up but my passions have always stayed with me. Light, no matter how little it is, always overcomes darkness and it is with this in mind, from my hospital bed, right after my mastectomy, that I decided to design colourful and fashionable bags to cheer up other women walking around in the hospital with their drains. The bags are cotton and quite versatile. You can use them not only for your drain but also to carry your water or smoothie bottle around on walks! It’s a little something to make life easier and put a smile on your face."