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Free Mezze & Grill N London

Mini Hiba

8th Mar 2020

Mini Hiba is offering a free meal for two each month. The meal includes: • Selection of 6 Mezzes: houmous, tabbouleh, soujok, falafel, batata harra and jawaneh • Mixed Grill (kafta and shish taouk 2 skewers) OR Shawarma Chicken • Lebanese Dessert (mouhallabieh). Mini Hiba is located in Walthamstow, North London, and has an exciting and vibrant atmosphere to make your dining experience fun and unforgettable, on top of the amazing Palestinian and Lebanese dishes which makes Middle-Eastern food the way to go! The food is lovingly prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients daily. A recent winner wrote to say: "Thank you so much for this wonderful treat! The service was warm and welcoming, and the food was absolutely delicious. The ambience was very cosy and intimate. A truly pleasurable dining experience."