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Puppy Yoga

Pets Yoga

27th Mar 2020

If you like yoga and love puppies this offer is just for you. PETS YOGA is the first Yoga Club in London providing yoga classes for people with adorable baby pets : puppy yoga, kitten yoga or baby rabbit yoga for the ultimate relaxing experience ! "Pets Yoga aims to combine the relaxation virtues provided by yoga and baby pets companionship . Cuddling pets can be extremely stress-relieving, this is why we incorporated it in our Yoga sessions. All our animals are invited to our classes through pets owners, licensed breeders or charities. We offer them the chance to learn how to socialize with people in a relaxing environment. And what is better than a fun and peaceful yoga class to do just that? We don't do yoga with pets but surrounded by pets, all of them are free to move around our yoga attendees, play, and come to cuddle during / between the exercises which is part of their socialization learning process." We have a voucher for two people worth £70 to attend a puppy class by arrangement with Pets Yoga. Puppies and mats provided! Classes take place on specific dates and venues are emailed to participants 5 days in advance. To find out more visit