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October Comedy London

2 Northdown

30th Oct 2020

Cracking comedy shows in October at 21Soho in London Email us if you would like to go along. 21Soho Presents... Rhys James, Maisie Adam, Ben Pope & Bella Hull Friday 2nd October 7pm 21Soho Presents... Tom Rosenthal, Thanyia Moore, Sarah Callaghan & more! Saturday 3rd October 7pm Ahir Shah & Jacob Hawley: Work In Progress Night Friday 9th & Saturday 10th October 7:30pm 21Soho Presents... Ivo Graham, Brennan Reece, Grainne Maguire & More! Thursday 15th October 7pm 21Soho Presents... Catherine Bohart, Sarah Keyworth, Alex Kealy & More! Friday 23rd October 7pm