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Fre wig and consultation

Christos Hair Group

5th Jun 2020

Win a bespoke styled wig and hair loss consultation from NHS registered Christos Hair Salon in Newport Pagnell, near Milton Keynes. "Hair loss is a side effect of many chemotherapy treatments. At the Christos Hair Group we truly care about supporting you through your hair loss and finding the right solutions for you every step of the way. As part of our commitment to Ellie’s Friends we would like to donate a complimentary package of a specialist consultation, a wig and styling to ensure the look is exactly as you had hoped. Your initial consultation can take up to 90 minutes and the wig will be from our Christos collection. During your consultation we will talk through the options with you so we can be sure to match the wig to your look and lifestyle. Our specialist hair loss technicians will guide you through selecting the right wig for you, how to fit your wig, expert tips and techniques to help soothe a sensitive scalp and nutritional advice to help nourish your cells and maintain energy levels. Once you have selected the wig we will then set to work on styling it so it is truly bespoke just for you." Available once the salon has reopened. NB. You will need to be able to travel to the salon to redeem the offer. Christos has a number of services that can be accessed completely free of charge and special discounts for patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer including free consultations, free styling of a wig you have bought and discounted products. Contact them through their website