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Massage Manchester

Restorative Room

12th Nov 2020

The Restorative Room is a specialist well being centre in Manchester providing massage, skin and scalp care treatments for clients living with or recovering from cancer treatment. The business was born out of owner Hannah's own family experience of cancer and a desire to provide first class wellbeing services in a beautiful relaxing salon away from a medical or hospital environment. Hannah is offering two free Jennifer Young massages each month and these can be booked in the future once the salon reopens. Nicola recently wrote to thank us. "I had an amazing full body massage this morning which I won through Ellie's Friends. It was the first time since I was diagnosed nearly a year ago that I have been able to have a pamper session and it is so nice to be able to go somewhere that specialises in treating cancer patients where you just feel normal again. I have booked another massage with Hannah and would recommend her to anyone who has had cancer or is currently being treated for cancer."