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£50 curry meal Leeds

Tharavadu Leeds

23rd Nov 2020

Tharavadu is the first authentic Keralan Restaurant right in the heart of Leeds and has become one of the region's favourite dining spots. It is recommended in the Michelin Guide who said "The extensive menu offers superbly spiced, colourful Keralan specialities and refined street food. Service is friendly and dishes arrive swiftly." Dishes include Tharavadu's signature dosas, mouth watering seafood curries and a huge range of meat and vegetarian options. Tharavadu was also awarded Best Indian Restaurant in the North of England by The Good Food Guide, as well as receiving glowing reviews in The Times and Sun newspapers. A recent winner said: "Had a fantastic meal at Tharavadu last night. It made us feel normal again eating out and it was such gorgeous food. Goood mentally to get away from cancer with a bit of normality and I feel so much better this morning. Thank you once again."