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Personalised biscuits

Kitsch Hen

16th Mar 2021

This mouth watering offer is from the wonderful Kitsch Hen AKA Caroline Stafford who produces cute and, it goes without saying, delicious iced biscuits, hand-stamped with personalised messages to say thank you, congratulations, get well soon or for any other special occasion. The inspiration behind the business is really touching. "The story of the biscuits began when a dear friend was going through a really tough time and I wanted to let her know how much I was thinking of her, but nothing seemed quite right to send to her. Flowers weren’t special enough, and just sending a card didn’t cut the mustard, so instead, in a flash of inspiration, I combined two of my favourite things – baking and quotes – and The Kitsch Hen Iced Biscuits was born!" We are offering a box of "Braver than you know" biscuits to one winner every month.